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Steamboat Base Area Improvements

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
2007 - 2012

Duckels Construction initiated work on the Steamboat Base Area Improvements Project in 2007 and completed the final phase of the project in 2012. The six year project consisted of many aspects of work, including deep and shallow utilities and new roadway and walkway systems. A new 78" culvert pipe to convey Burgess Creek underground for 1200 feet across the base of the Steamboat Ski Area was installed and later extended. Also, significant storm water management and drainage plans were and remain vital to the success of the ongoing project.

The project included a considerable amount of underground utility work where extensive earthwork in correlation with the utilities was completed. Being such a large project site located at an area where significant drainage and sediment issues existed due to spring runoff and thunderstorms, storm water management and erosion control aspects were key to minimizing issues with the unstable site conditions. Sediment control ponds and temporary drainage systems were set up as a part of the storm water management plan to efficiently and properly separate and dispose of any unwanted sediments resulting from runoff. Daily inspections and an ever-changing stormwater management plan were a must to maintaining the unforeseen and changing conditions. Duckels Construction installed extensive new storm sewer systems, all new sanitary sewer lines, relocated gas lines, new and upgraded water main lines and service taps for the surrounding buildings, as well as a large utility corridor for future use. Shallow utilities included electric conduits for street and pedestrian lighting, a complete irrigation system for landscaping, and a new snowmelt system under all of the new walkways.

The final finishes of the project included colored concrete sidewalks and crosswalks, concrete unit paver walkways, stone veneer retaining walls and benches, stepped stone block grading, jointed handicap ramps and bicycle ramps, custom lights, kiosks with interchangeable signs, stained split rail fences and fully irrigated landscaping.

A major consideration during all phases of this project was that construction was located in commercially sensitive areas at the ski area base, which is a popular tourist attraction during both summer and winter seasons. One of the most important priorities was to maintain access to all businesses at all times, accommodate special events, and keep vehicle and pedestrian traffic flowing through the area while construction was progressing. Because of the narrow design of the finished roadways, there were many traffic control challenges. Through careful planning and our public outreach program, we were able to develop a traffic plan that enabled traffic flow through the construction site at all times. Weekly public meetings were held to disseminate information and allow concerned business owners, citizens or visitors to ask questions and express concerns. Input from these meetings was taken into consideration in order to minimize impacts of construction to the area.

Duckels Construction, Inc. outfitted one of our track excavators and one road grader with GPS positioning technology to improve efficiency and cut costs for project owners on challenging dirt and site work. Each phase of the project was completed on schedule and within the approved budget. The ongoing project is regarded as a big success for the partnership of Duckels Construction, the City of Steamboat Springs, the Urban Redevelopment Authority Committee, and the area businesses.

Steamboat Base Area Redevelopment Project
Promenade & Burgess Creek Daylighting

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
5 year project 2006-2011
$10 Million Funding Incremental Tax Funded, SSRA Steamboat Springs Redevelopment Authority bond

The Promenade and Burgess Creek Daylighting project, a five year $10 million undertaking, created a spectacular snow-melted brick paver pedestrian walkway to connect the villages, highlighted with a natural creek feature and wayfinding amenities. The base area has since been converted to a unique attraction that will benefit businesses and visitors alike.

After being diverted underground since the 1960s the Burgess Creek was brought to the surface once again to become the focal point of the newly constructed promenade as it runs alongside. With large scale natural rock features, pebble beaches, and grassed play areas, the creek is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for visitors to gather and recreate.
The spectacular new creek bed features boulder drops, slot canyons and pools and has become a popular spot for families and people of all ages as well as their dogs to recreate.

Oak Creek, Colorado
2009 - 2011

Project Description

Duckels Construction established temporary bypass piping and pumping in order to construct two new lined lagoons, two moving bed biological reactor tanks and all associated piping and controls. A new pump building was constructed and a new blower, piping, control structures, valves, mechanical and electrical systems, instrumentation and controls installed as required by the new facilities. A new manhole was constructed over the 15" main sewer line and a magnetic flow meter installed. Dewatering and sludge removal in the existing lagoons was completed.

The project commenced in fall of 2009, and the construction schedule allowed for 270 calendar days, plus an allowance of 90 days for winter shutdown. The schedule was extended due to additional winter shutdown time and 95 days for additional work included in seven change orders. Substantial completion was achieved within this approved extended time period.


Fort Collins, Colorado
2003 - 2004


The City of Fort Collins contracted with Duckels Construction to build an extension of the bike trail along the bank of the Poudre River. Construction consisted of one 25-foot and two 154-foot span pedestrian bridges on drilled caissons and concrete abutments with hammerhead pier caps along and over the Cache La Poudre River. The work also included constructing stacked boulder and modular retaining walls, colored concrete trails, and stream bank restoration. Two road crossings were established and traffic control was required during construction.

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