About Duckels Construction Inc.
An Equal Opportunity Employer

Established in 1956, Duckels Construction is a local family-owned and operated business in Steamboat Springs, Colorado that has constructed projects throughout the Rocky Mountain region for 55 years. Incorporated since 1975, we specialize in the construction of infrastructure, including the following aspects:

  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Utilities
  • Drainage structures
  • Structural steel
  • Landscape stonework
  • MSE Walls
  • Concrete work
  • Pile driving
  • Land slide mitigations
Duckels Construction owns a fleet of approximately one hundred pieces of heavy equipment consisting of cranes, scrapers, track hoes, loaders, pile drivers, dozers, and graders. In addition, we own and operate a large gravel pit that produces materials meeting State specifications.

Duckels Construction has successfully completed small and large projects, with contracts ranging from $10 thousand to $10 million. Key clients include government and private industrial clients, including federal, state, county and municipal entities. Our vast experience has honed our capability to successfully meet the challenges of construction in mountain, commercial and resort environments. Duckels Construction is also seen as one of the fore-runners in storm water management plans in the region.

Underground utility work, including new installations, replacements and upgrades to mains and service lines for water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems, is a specialty of the company. This work has involved extensive bypass pumping, scheduling and coordination of shut downs, providing connections and traffic control. Unforeseen conditions are often encountered during underground excavation work, which require efficient responses and unique project-specific solutions. Other types of challenging conditions we have overcome include limited site access, inclement weather, extensive utility conflicts, and working in areas that are commercially sensitive and heavily congested.
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